Real time updates will be posted here for those families awaiting Anna's puppies to arrive.

1/26/19 Saturday: As of now there are no visible signs of labor. Expecting puppies to arrive Sunday or Monday!

1/27/19 Sunday morning: Anna was active nesting throughout the night. She is still eating well and no signs of contractions. I do not believe it will be during the day today. Possibly overnight or tomorrow is more likely. I will keep you all posted.

Sunday evening: Anna is still doing well. She has been napping and intermittently eating today. She has been digging more in her whelping box. I still anticipate puppies overnight or tomorrow.

1/28/19 Monday morning: Last night was very restless (for us) but Anna slept very well. Her breathing has become more labored at times. We expect puppies sometime today or tonight.

1454: Anna still resting. The puppies are kicking up a storm. Super cute - you can see them pushing on her stomach! I can’t wait for them to arrive!!!

1826: O puppies wherefore art thou? We are eagerly awaiting their arrival. I hope they start to make their way into the world soon and I can bring you news. Oh the suspense!

1909: I wanted to let you all know there is no reason to worry. Dogs have a whelping window really rather than a Due Date like babies. We do not need to worry until late in the week. I’ve always been very on point though with my “Due Dates”. I feel she definitely should have them soon though based on her behavior. Can’t wait to share the news!!

1/29/19 Tuesday:

1017: Puppies have not arrived. As soon as first one arrives I will write to you all! Everyone is doing well! Lots of movement and Anna is doing well!

1/30/19 Wednesday: Happy Birthday Puppies!!!

0546: Anna officially has stopped eating as of yesterday early afternoon. Her appetite this pregnancy has been excellent. As of now, there is still food in her bowel from yesterday afternoon which is a great sign. Could today be the day for puppies? We are hoping it will be today! If anything more progresses I will write more.

2000: All good things come to those who wait - PUPPIES ARE FINALLY ARRIVING!!!!!! More to come as they are being born! VERY Heavy contractions now!!

2012: Puppy 1 Born - Male - Dark Apricot/Light Red (they darken each week)

2022: Puppy 2 Born - Male - Red & White Parti

2052: Puppy 3 Born - Girl - Dark Golden Abstract

2100: Puppy 4 Born - Girl - Golden

2117: Puppy 5 Born - Girl - Red & White Parti

2123: Puppy 6 Born - Girl - Golden

2149: Puppy 7 Born - Male - Golden with highlights - Like Blitzen of Elsa’s previous litter

2202: Puppy 8 Born - Male - Red & White Parti

2249: Puppy 9 Born - Male - Red

0005: We believe that is all, as we do not feel any more puppies. I think her count is 9! As of now mom and babies are all doing well! I will begin to reach out tomorrow & likely Friday. Thanks for everyone’s patience! Talk to you tomorrow or Friday!!