🐾 AKC Standard Poodles Available (Full AKC)

 Above and Beyond Standards will be limiting our number of Standard Poodle litters each year. With this change in our breeding program we are considering placing in new homes a few of our male Poodles. We will allow full AKC registration with these males listed. They can also be considered in companion homes, but feel these males would do well in a small breeding program. Please reach out if interested or if you have any questions.

Maximus - Sire.jpg




AKC Standard Poodle
Registration #: PR19967311

Standard - 56 pounds
25 inches at the withers

Cafe Au Lait, Sable
Ay/at, b/b, E/E, F/F, ky/ky, S/S

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A NOTE ABOUT MAXIMUS: Maximus has sired three litters. Each litter had 10+ puppies. He is a very sweet boy that plays well with our other male dogs, but would do best in a smaller breeding program that does not have alpha males. He does well with our male dogs, but would not enjoy being bossed around by another intact alpha male. He would make a wonderful service dog as he is extremely intelligent and aware. We really love this boy and he has made wonderful puppies for us. We are going in a different direction with our breeding program and already have his daughter so decided it would be best to find him a new home. Please reach out with any questions.