🐾 Sophia & Kristoff's F1B English Goldendoodle DRAX

After some extensive research, we found Lauren's website through GANA's registered breeder program.

Communication 5 out 5
Lauren's communication throughout the process was exceptional. We always received prompt response from Lauren to all of our questions (big or small). Even after we had brought Drax home, she was just as quick to respond to our emails and offer advice on ensuring he would have a smooth transition.

Facilities 5 out 5
Lauren and her family welcomed us to their property to visit with the litter. Their facility shows how much they care about all the dogs and puppies as everything seems to be carefully set up to accommodate the dogs and ensure their safety and convenience. Our visit to their place in Jefferson confirmed we had made the right choice.

Our puppy 500 out 5
Drax has exceeded all of our expectations! He has the friendliest temperament and is very affectionate and playful. He has never met a stranger, and he loves playing with other dogs. He is a sharp little guy as well and he was house broken within his first week with us and was quick to learn sit, come and down commands. Lauren asked us what we were looking for in a dog and what our activities look like and Drax is the perfect match as she predicted.


🐾 Sophia & Kristoff's F1B English Goldendoodle BOWIE

I absolutely LOVE our puppy we got from Above and Beyond Standards back in September. Bowie is the best puppy and super trainable. Working with Lauren was so easy and she was super helpful and communicated with us quickly when we had questions. The puppies are beautiful and loveable and I’m so grateful. ❤️ — with Bowie Zizzo-Gifford

~The Zizzo-Gifford Family

🐾 Sophia & Kristoff's F1B English Goldendoodle BENNETT

Bennett has molded herself into the family nicely. She’s fun, sweet, playful and extremely smart. She’s taken to training amazingly and we can’t get over how intelligent she is. We love seeing her little face all over the house. Her temperament is amazing. She tolerates anything and everyone. That’s what’s so amazing about her. We wouldn’t trade her for anything.

~The Gluck Family

Update: Bennett is beyond a shadow of a doubt, the most incredible dog I’ve ever met. Her temperament and personality is amazing. It doesn’t matter what situation she is in, she is comfortable and happy. Smart, trained, everything. She has surpassed every single expectation.

🐾 Elsa & Kristoff's F1B English Goldendoodle Charlie

Hi Lauren,

We wanted to give you an update on how Charlie is doing. He has been fantastic! He's really smart and learning quickly. He is essentially housebroken at this point, still gets up once a night to use the restroom, but can otherwise sleep through the night. He has learned sit, down and come and is starting to get the hang of walking on a leash. He does like to chew so we have given him plenty of toys to fill the need. Also, he is growing quickly!

We are so happy with Charlie. He is a wonderful dog and we love him so much.

~Nick and Alex

4 Month Update:

Charlie is doing amazing! He is the sweetest little boy. He is so smart and has been so easy to train. He is very eager to learn. He is finally getting down walking on a leash. We also discovered that he LOVES the snow (we took him up to the mountains in Utah a few weeks ago). He is growing fast and already 22 lbs! Thank you again for all your help. We love him so much! 

🐾 Adeline & Alakay's Standard Poodle Cianna

Hi Lauren & Jonathon, 

Hope you and family are doing well and surviving bitter cold of this year! Cianna (aka Adeline's Purple Girl) is doing very well - she's 36lbs now. I've also included a picture of her after grooming on Jan 25, 2019. Wish she'd stay still long enough so I could include more pics, but will send as I can. She loves her toys, and to play fetch, so glad our yard is big and fenced. She's a happy little girl and has added so much joy to our lives! 

She's been to basic training and received her "graduation" certificate. We hope to start next training again soon. She absolutely loves people and greets so many whenever we take her into stores where pets are allowed. Many have asked where we got her, so we've passed on your website, face book info, and how wonderfully informative and accommodating you both are. 

~Linda & Lowell

🐾 Elsa & Kristoff's F1B English Goldendoodle Hank

Hi Lauren, 

Just wanted to give you a quick update on Hank (Cupid). He had his 16-week vet appointment yesterday and he was 31 pounds!! Our vet thinks he's going to be closer to 70 pounds full grown. 

He's been potty trained for over a month now. He rings a bell on our door when he needs to go out. He can sit, stay, wait for his dinner, and give his paw. He is SO smart! He loves fetch and laying in the sun. He also doesn't know a stranger. He wants to be friends with all people and dogs. We don't get far on walks. LOL. 

Hope you and your family are doing well! 



🐾 Anna & Kristoff's F1B English Goldendoodle Stella

“Lauren is extremely knowledgeable, caring, and the communication is excellent. We have been working with Lauren to find the perfect puppy for our little girl, who is high-functioning autistic. We have a reservation for one of Anna's beautiful puppies and Lauren is still working with us to ensure we have the perfect temperament. Lauren is always available to answer any question. I researched breeders in several states and Above and Beyond Standards surpasses all breeders.”

Week 1 Update:

Hi Lauren,

Stella was great riding home and did not have to stop once. She is so loving and sweet and is already going to Ally when Ally is having a difficult day.

All of my family met Stella and fell in love with her right away.

The snuggle puppy pack has been incredible. The snuggle puppy, a baby Ben wind up clock, and lullaby has her sleeping without crying.

Week 2 Update:

Stella can sit on command and fetch already!

Ally had a meltdown and Stella was right there.

Thank you so much!

She is doing great and already in tune with Ally. She had one accident but she was trying to tell me. Potty's outside already multiple times.

I cannot thank you enough for everything.

~Leigh and Family

“We got Stella for Ally and she will eventually be an emotional support animal. Lauren and her family are incredible and work extremely hard to match all requested characteristics.

Lauren answers all questions and provides continued support. The puppies are very socialized as they live with Lauren and her wonderful family, including children.

Above and Beyond Standards sends you home with multiple toys, a snuggle puppy, book, a beautiful blanket and bag, treats and food samples, a microchipped, socialized, great temperament puppy with their first set of vaccines.

Stella is everything we requested and so much more. She is so sweet, in tune to emotions, great temperament, and brilliant puppy.”

🐾 Adeline & Kristoff's F1B English Goldendoodle Murphy


We are so happy we found Above and Beyond Standards!! You were fantastic to work with and so helpful from day one. Murphy is everything we hoped for, he is smart and has been so easy to train. He is so sweet, and we are amazed at how calm he is and adapts to different situations. Lawn mowers, hairdryers, the vacuum they did not faze him. He is so handsome, and I think he knows it! We will continue to send you lots of pictures. Thank you again, for a very special puppy. We absolutely adore him!! I will recommend you to all my friends and family!

 We appreciate all you did for Murphy and us!

 ~Diane and Jody

🐾 Adeline & Kristoff's F1B English Goldendoodle Doyle

We are just in love! Doyle is so sweet, and is sleeping in his crate right now cuddled up with the toy you mailed. Thank you for all of the things you sent :) He ate his food right up and we quickly learned he needs to go outside right after! Just the sweetest! I have never fallen in love so quickly - he went in his crate on his own a few times today so thinking this is going to go well!

Update: Hi- just a note to let you know that Doyle is absolutely the sweetest and best addition to our family. He was trained so quickly, loves his pen and brings us so much joy. I work a couple of days and have a dog walker come in while I’m gone. She called me last week to see if I minded if she could come see Doyle on her day off :) He’s just the best - even as we fight through this nippiness stage!

Thanks again - we just love him!
~Liz & Family

🐾 Anna & Kristoff's F1B English Goldendoodle Teddy

“Our family is SO excited to bring home a new puppy. Being first time dog parents, we have had SO many questions and have really appreciated Lauren’s willingness to help us every step of the way. She has been so awesome to work with in the last 6 months as we prepared for this spring’s litters. We also have been very impressed by how she takes every step to be sure she is breeding the healthiest possible puppies performing all recommended AKC and GANA recommended testing. She really goes above and beyond. We can’t wait to meet our puppy!”

Hi Lauren,

I just wanted to check in and let you know we are loving our sweet boy. He is so happy to see us in the morning and is the #1 reason my kids won’t sleep in anymore! He is a LOVE, weighing in at 18.5 lbs at 12 weeks, he still thinks he should be lap size and will grab his puppy and try to curl up in your lap when he greets you in the morning. The kids cannot wait to greet and love on their “sweet teddy bear!” 

He has slept for 9 hours in his crate at night without any anxiety, crying or accidents after a short two weeks potty training phase. He might have gone longer sooner but we were too nervous to ever wait for him to wake us up to go potty - I don’t know if it’s because of the set up at your house, but we had zero issues with whining or crying in his crate from day 1! During the day we can stand at the door and tell him to go potty and he will run out to his spot (off leash), go pee and come right back in. He is so smart and has been fun to train as he picks stuff up so well.

We started walking him through the neighborhood two weeks ago after his 3rd set of shots, and he sits calmly to meet ANY stranger - people always comment on how good his temperament seems! He really isn’t so sure about most other dogs he can see or hear but we are working through this and he starts puppy kindergarten next week so he can get more doggie interaction. He really wishes our cat would play with him- he keeps trying to prance around head down in submission to get him to engage, but Myko just looks at him in that “what’s your deal” way... but they are co-existing very well. 

We look forward to a less chompy pup, he is definitely teething. I have been impressed with his gentle mouth/bite inhibition for the most part when it comes to little human arms and legs, just hoping he gets through the mouthy stage with us as quickly as can be expected. We will keep in touch for sure and thank you guys for helping us bring home this sweet sweet boy!

~Kate and Family

🐾 Anna & Kristoff's F1B English Goldendoodle Augie

Augie is the best! His color is amazing. He is my husbands new best friend. He loves to play and take long walks. He sleeps in our bed every night and never barks. He is such a good boy. Our family is complete with our Augie the Doggie! He is now 14 weeks and 21 pounds. Augie is filled with love and joy. He is almost 100% potty trained, plays fetch and knows his name. He is so gentle with my two daughters and is just a big love bug. We couldn’t be happier!

~The Godek Family

🐾 Adeline & Kristoff's F1B English Goldendoodle Clara

We picked up our sweet puppy Clara 4 weeks ago from Above and Beyond Standards and we fell in love right away! We can't say enough good things about the entire experience. Lauren was so communicative and helpful throughout the entire process. She prepared us so well for our new puppy and even followed through when we got home with her. Lauren cares so much about the health of her puppies and we know she'll be there for us if we needed anything for Clara again. Clara was housebroken almost right away and is just the sweetest, smartest and most perfect little puppy we could have asked for. During her routine healthy puppy visits to the vet, the vet said she's in perfect health. Everyone comments about how beautiful of a puppy she is. She's brought so much joy to our lives and we can't thank Lauren and her family enough for what they've done for us. We have recommended Above & Beyond to our friends that asked us for a breeder and would definitely get another puppy from Above & Beyond if and when we're ready to again. Thank you to Lauren and her wonderful family!

~Brandon and Christie