🐾 Sophia & Kristoff's F1B English Goldendoodle DRAX

After some extensive research, we found Lauren's website through GANA's registered breeder program.

Communication 5 out 5
Lauren's communication throughout the process was exceptional. We always received prompt response from Lauren to all of our questions (big or small). Even after we had brought Drax home, she was just as quick to respond to our emails and offer advice on ensuring he would have a smooth transition.

Facilities 5 out 5
Lauren and her family welcomed us to their property to visit with the litter. Their facility shows how much they care about all the dogs and puppies as everything seems to be carefully set up to accommodate the dogs and ensure their safety and convenience. Our visit to their place in Jefferson confirmed we had made the right choice.

Our puppy 500 out 5
Drax has exceeded all of our expectations! He has the friendliest temperament and is very affectionate and playful. He has never met a stranger, and he loves playing with other dogs. He is a sharp little guy as well and he was house broken within his first week with us and was quick to learn sit, come and down commands. Lauren asked us what we were looking for in a dog and what our activities look like and Drax is the perfect match as she predicted.


🐾 Sophia & Kristoff's F1B English Goldendoodle BOWIE

I absolutely LOVE our puppy we got from Above and Beyond Standards back in September. Bowie is the best puppy and super trainable. Working with Lauren was so easy and she was super helpful and communicated with us quickly when we had questions. The puppies are beautiful and loveable and I’m so grateful. ❤️ — with Bowie Zizzo-Gifford

~The Zizzo-Gifford Family

🐾 Sophia & Kristoff's F1B English Goldendoodle BENNETT

Bennett has molded herself into the family nicely. She’s fun, sweet, playful and extremely smart. She’s taken to training amazingly and we can’t get over how intelligent she is. We love seeing her little face all over the house. Her temperament is amazing. She tolerates anything and everyone. That’s what’s so amazing about her. We wouldn’t trade her for anything.

~The Gluck Family

Update: Bennett is beyond a shadow of a doubt, the most incredible dog I’ve ever met. Her temperament and personality is amazing. It doesn’t matter what situation she is in, she is comfortable and happy. Smart, trained, everything. She has surpassed every single expectation.

🐾 Elsa & Kristoff's F1B English Goldendoodle Charlie

Hi Lauren,

We wanted to give you an update on how Charlie is doing. He has been fantastic! He's really smart and learning quickly. He is essentially housebroken at this point, still gets up once a night to use the restroom, but can otherwise sleep through the night. He has learned sit, down and come and is starting to get the hang of walking on a leash. He does like to chew so we have given him plenty of toys to fill the need. Also, he is growing quickly!

We are so happy with Charlie. He is a wonderful dog and we love him so much.

Nick and Alex

4 Month Update:

Charlie is doing amazing! He is the sweetest little boy. He is so smart and has been so easy to train. He is very eager to learn. He is finally getting down walking on a leash. We also discovered that he LOVES the snow (we took him up to the mountains in Utah a few weeks ago). He is growing fast and already 22 lbs! Thank you again for all your help. We love him so much! 

🐾 Adeline & Alakay's Standard Poodle Cianna

Hi Lauren & Jonathon, 

Hope you and family are doing well and surviving bitter cold of this year! Cianna (aka Adeline's Purple Girl) is doing very well - she's 36lbs now. I've also included a picture of her after grooming on Jan 25, 2019. Wish she'd stay still long enough so I could include more pics, but will send as I can. She loves her toys, and to play fetch, so glad our yard is big and fenced. She's a happy little girl and has added so much joy to our lives! 

She's been to basic training and received her "graduation" certificate. We hope to start next training again soon. She absolutely loves people and greets so many whenever we take her into stores where pets are allowed. Many have asked where we got her, so we've passed on your website, face book info, and how wonderfully informative and accommodating you both are.  ~Linda & Lowell