🐾 Above and Beyond Standards Bernedoodles!

At Above and Beyond Standards, we will breed F1 and F1B Standard Bernedoodle Puppies. We will have Phantom, Sable, Traditional Tricolor, and Black & White Bicolor Bernedoodle Puppies. We will also have Parti Bernedoodle Puppies.

Our Poodles and Bernese Mountain Dogs are AKC Registered and from excellent bloodlines. We will keep back an F1 male Bernedoodle from our lines and our future will also include F1B Bernedoodle Puppies when paired with our Poodle Dams. Dams and Sires have obtained extensive health clearances prior to being bred. All of our Above and Beyond Standards Puppies come with Our 2-3 Year Health Guarantee to support this.


A First Generation (F1) Bernedoodle is produced when you cross a Bernese Mountain Dog with a Poodle. This combination produces an F1 Bernedoodle. You can cross a Standard Poodle, Moyen Poodle, Miniature Poodle or a Toy Poodle to get different sizes, but this cross is always called an F1 Bernedoodle.

An F1B Bernedoodle is produced by crossing an F1 Bernedoodle with a Poodle. These dogs will have a higher success rate for non-shedding, and are recommended for families with moderate to severe allergies.

We will be breeding F1 Bernedoodles (50% Bernese Mountain Dog + 50% Poodle) and F1B Bernedoodles = F1 Bernedoodle bred to a Poodle (25% Bernese Mountain Dog + 75% Poodle). F1 coats are usually light shedding while F1B coats are generally low to non-shedding.


A Standard Bernedoodle size is typically in the range of 60-90 pounds. Our current breeding plans for F1 Bernedoodles will be Standard size. The size is bred down by breeding a Bernese Mountain Dog with a smaller size Poodle. Breeding this smaller F1 Bernedoodle to another smaller Poodle will produce F1B puppies that will be smaller in size. Our future F1B puppies will likely be 40-60 pounds in size.


The coat of a Bernedoodle can vary from straight, loose wavy or curly. An F1 Bernedoodle will typically have a loose wavy coat, while an F1B Bernedoodle is more likely to have a tighter wave or curlier coat, which will have a higher success rate for non-shedding.

The coat colors of Bernedoodles can vary based on the color genetics of the parents. At Above and Beyond Standards we will focus on Phantom, Sable, Traditional Tricolor, and Black & White Bicolor Bernedoodles. We will also have Parti Bernedoodles.


The Bernedoodle requires a moderate amount of exercise. Daily walks are a must if you don't have a safely enclosed area for them to run freely. The F1 generation will exhibit the calm nature of the Bernese Mountain Dog more so then the F1B. The F1B generation has near 75% Poodle genetics so will typically exhibit more of the goofy natured Poodle that will tend to want to play games and will need more exercise on average.


The lifespan of a Bernedoodle is increased due to the Poodle genetics. It is still unknown how long Bernedoodles will live as it is a newer cross. The expected lifespan is hoped to be 12-15 years.


Bernedoodle puppies are absolutely adorable. As with any dog, socialization and training should start while the dog is still a puppy and continue throughout its life. Look for a puppy kindergarten class locally or join the AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Program, training based on positive techniques. You do not have to be an AKC purebred puppy to participate in their S.T.A.R. Puppy Program. Find a class here. This is a great place to start socializing and training. A well-socialized, well-trained Bernedoodle makes a wonderful family companion. Early socialization and training establishes those lifetime bonds between the family and puppy as these programs teach you how to communicate with your new puppy and get started on the right foot.