🐾 Recommended Dog Beds, Crates, and Assessories!

There are many different options available. This will come down to personal preference. I recommend the wire crate for a few reasons - folds flat for travel, divider panel available so your puppy can have one crate and grow into it. To create a denlike atmosphere you may desire to place a breathable sheet over the back of it or a crate cover. Just be sure you don’t put anything expensive in during the teething stages and be sure nothing can be harmful if swallowed, such as stuffing from toy or crate bed. Recommend the crate bed after teething and an old towel or incontinence pad while still teething.

We use and love Kuranda Dog Beds. They are orthopedic, so durable and really easy to clean. Our dogs all love them too!! Follow link to their website and a portion of each sale will go to support Warrior Canine Connection! Our dogs all use the 44x27 size, with the exception of our Great Pyrenees who use the largest size.

Kuranda Orthopedic Dog Bed

🐾 Recommended Grooming Supplies!

🐾 Recommended Chew Toys and Treats!

pawTreats® are delicious and nutritious treats your dogs and cats will crave, and you’ll feel good about feeding! Dogs and cats are natural hunters who thrive on a diet of primarily meat and some vegetables in order to thrive and live a healthy, vibrant life. Our freeze-dried varieties are grain-free, all-natural, healthy, real-food treats made with simple ingredients based on your pet’s optimal diet. They are a blend of high-quality meat, fruits and vegetables that dogs and cats crave.

Key Benefits:

  • Natural, wholesome and holistic

  • Grain free

  • No corn, no wheat, no soy

  • No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives

  • No fillers

  • Developed by Veterinarians and Nutritionists

  • Made in the U.S.A.

Be sure to also become a PawClub Member to earn points on your orders!! https://shop.pawtree.com/aboveandbeyondstandards/paw-club

🐾 Recommended Food Dishes & Miscelaneous Supplies!

🐾 Recommended Collars and Leashes!

We love the padded & also the reflective Blueberry Pet Collars & matching leashes! You will need a small collar & medium leash when your puppy arrives home to you!

Small Collars - You will need this size when your puppy first arrives, along with one of these coordinating leashes.

Leashes - The Length 5', Width 3/4", Size Medium leash works great as the initial leash size!