We guarantee our puppies until two years of age against any congenital defects impacting the quality of life. This is defined as a GENETIC abnormality/disorder that will eventually cause early death with a life expectancy of less than 5 years where the disease would progress making euthanasia necessary or require extensive medical care that would ultimately be beyond the cost of the Puppy. If your puppy is determined to have a congenital defect within the first two years of life, we will either replace your puppy with a puppy from a similar litter or refund the purchase price (less any shipping or veterinarian fees incurred).

We also guarantee our puppies until two years of age against moderate to severe hip dysplasia which would reduce the puppy's quality of life. The puppy must have an x-ray between 24-25 months of age by a licensed veterinarian and submitted to OFA for an official determination of hip rating. If determined to have moderate to severe dysplasia, we will either replace your puppy with a puppy from a similar litter or refund the purchase price (less any shipping or veterinarian fees incurred).


We cannot guarantee our puppies against illness or opportunistic parasites brought on by stress such as moving (from our house to yours) or shipping. We also cannot guarantee that our puppies will be "worm-free", as this is an ongoing process. However, these are easily and economically treated and should be discussed with your veterinarian at your first visit.

We are not responsible if a puppy contracts a communicable disease or infection after leaving our possession. Also, this Health Guarantee does not include improper bites, hernias, any illness due to the ingestion of foreign objects, food, chemicals or physical injury.


Our puppies are generally very easy to care for. Here are a few pointers that we think are important reminders of how to care for your new puppy, and are prerequisite for the health guarantee to be valid.

  • Your puppy needs to be examined by a licensed veterinarian within 3 days after going home. Find a vet that you feel comfortable with, and keep regular appointments so your vet gets to know your puppy.

    • We DO NOT support the use of Corporate Veterinary Groups. Corporate Veterinarians may feel pressure to up-sell clients to increase profit margins as profit is oftentimes a key driver with large corporations in charge. Please find a local veterinarian that is NOT part of a Corporate Veterinary Group.

  • Keep your puppy up to date on shots, worming and other preventative protocol.

  • Feed your puppy a good, well-rounded age appropriate diet. Do not underfeed or overfeed your puppy. In general, follow the recommended feeding guidelines found on the bag.

    • We exclusively use Life's Abundance, TLC Whole Life Pet Food, and NuVet K9 Immune System Builder. We wean our puppies onto TLC Pet Food Whole Life & Life's Abundance Puppy Formulas, as well as NuVet Plus K9 Immune System Builder Powder. We also love the other products by Life's Abundance & TLC Pet Food! 

      We highly recommend you to continue using these products for the life of your dog. If you continue to use TLC Whole Life Pet Food and/or Life's Abundance Puppy/Dog Food & NuVet Plus Immune System Builder on a monthly basis which I highly recommend, your Health Guarantee will become 3 years. Your Puppy/Dog must be on TLC Whole Life Pet Food and/or Life's Abundance Puppy/Dog Food & NuVet during this entire three year period. If not, you will obtain our 2 year Health Guarantee. 

      We also allow the use of pawTree Dog Food after the age of 10 months to be added to your food rotation for our 3 year Health Guarantee. Be sure to also become a PawClub Member to earn points on your orders! https://shop.pawtree.com/aboveandbeyondstandards/paw-club

    • Find other top-rated pet foods on dogfoodadvisor.com. Our Health Guarantee requires choosing a 3-5 star dog food, but we highly recommend at least a 4 star food that is appropriate for the age of your puppy.

  • Avoid exposing your puppy to physically stressful situations, such as frequent stair climbing or standing on concrete for long periods of time during his formative years.

  • Provide adequate shelter and make sure there is always fresh clean water available.

  • Make sure your puppy has plenty of exercise on a regular basis, and whenever possible. Don't overdo it in the first few months as puppies need lots of rest too!


We believe so strongly in proper nutrition that we offer a 3 year guarantee. Your puppy will be weaned onto Life’s Abundance & TLC Whole Life Puppy Formulas and immune system supported by NuVet Plus K9 Immune System Builder. To aid in your new puppy's transition home to you, we request you purchase one bag of TLC Whole Life Puppy Formula, one Large Pack of Life’s Abundance Puppy Healthy Start Pack and one bottle of NuVet Plus K9 Immune System Builder prior to your new puppy's arrival home.

If you choose to continue using Life’s Abundance Food and/or TLC Pet Food and NuVet Supplements we will extend your Health Guarantee to 3 years when using them for the entire 36 month time period. After the age of 10 months you may also use pawTree Dog Food as part of your dogs food rotation.