🐾 Our Pricing:

Our pricing reflects the extensive research given to the Dams and Sires we use in our breeding program, which includes their lineage and the soundness of their ancestors. It also reflects the extensive health clearances we obtain prior to breeding any of our Above and Beyond Standards Dams and Sires to be sure they are of breeding quality.

Reservation fee is included in the prices listed below


Bernedoodle Puppy Pricing - Depends on coloring at birth & each puppy will be priced individually prior to puppy selections. In general the pricing is as follows:

Black & White Bicolor Parti Bernedoodle Puppies $3000
Traditional Pattern Bicolor Bernedoodle Puppies $3200
Phantom Bernedoodle Puppies $3200
Sable Bernedoodle Puppies $3200
Phantom Tricolor or Tricolor Parti Bernedoodle Puppies $3400
Sable Abstract or Sable Parti Bernedoodle Puppies $3400
Traditional Pattern Sable Bernedoodle Puppies $3600
Traditional Pattern Tricolor Bernedoodle Puppies $3800


GANA Registration, Non-Breeding Contract: Goldendoodle Puppies $2600


AKC Standard Poodle Puppy Pricing - Depends on coloring at birth & each puppy will be priced individually prior to puppy selections. In general the pricing is as follows:

Pricing Based on Limited AKC Registration, Non-Breeding Contract (Full AKC Available to Approved Homes)

Solid Black or Chocolate Brown Poodle Puppies $1600
Abstract Black or Chocolate Brown Poodle Puppies $1800
Sable Poodle Puppies Solid or Abstract $1800
Creams, Apricots, Red Poodle Puppies Solid or Abstract $1800
Parti Poodle Puppies $2000
Tricolor or Phantom Poodle Puppies $2200

🐾 Our Guarantee:

Our parent dogs are from excellent bloodlines, have wonderful temperaments, and obtain extensive health clearances. Numerous hours are spent looking through Pedigrees and learning the quality and characteristics of our lines. At Above and Beyond Standards all of our dogs receive a complete panel of breed-recommended genetic tests and also have Heart, Hips, Eyes, Elbows, and Patellas evaluated by PennHIP or OFA if recommended for their specific breed. Our breeding goal is to produce beautiful, healthy companion puppies with exceptional temperaments. All of our Above and Beyond Standards Puppies come with Our 2-3 Year Health Guarantee to support this.

🐾 Our Reservation Process:

We require a $500 Non Refundable Puppy Application Fee (after Puppy Application is received and approved) in order to secure your place on our reservation list. We do our best to inform you of what you can expect from each planned litter in terms of appearance as well as timing on our Puppy Schedule page. Of course, coats vary and change with the age of the puppy, and we can never tell how many males or females may be born in a particular litter.

Puppy Application Fee is non-refundable and secures your place on our Reservation List. We reserve the right to refund your application fee if we feel one of our puppies would not be a suitable fit. We have one Master Reservation List. If you know you want one of our puppies, getting on our list early helps secure you a higher selection position.

As puppies are born, I call those on our Master Reservation List in the order their Application Fee was received. With this phone call you can choose to go onto that specific litter list or wait for another future litter. With this phone call, you will know what genders and coat colors are born and their available take home date. These details will assist you in choosing if you want to go onto that specific litter list. Also, you will know at this time your selection position before you make your decision. If you decide to get a puppy from the litter you are being notified about, you must at this time decide what gender you desire.

If you choose to wait you will keep your current position on our Master Reservation List and move up the list as others ahead of you make their puppy selections. Getting on our list early helps you to move up to a higher selection choice once the litter is born that you are interested in getting a puppy from.

We value communication with our puppies' families for the lifetime of our puppies! Please let me know if you have any questions regarding our reservation process by sending me an email.

$500 Application Fee - Is applied towards final payment.

For your convenience, you may pay your application fee using PayPal. A 3% convenience fee will be added for payment processing.

Non Refundable Application Fee (includes PayPal Convenience Fee)

🐾 Our Puppy Selection Process:

When puppies are born you will receive a phone call to determine your desire to receive a puppy from that specific litter that was born. See Our Reservation Process for more details.

Within the first two weeks of age, you will receive an email with all pertinent dates and details needed for receiving your new puppy. With this email you will be given your puppy selection date and time and your puppy pick-up date and time. If your puppy is being shipped you will receive your shipment date with final shipment details to follow around 6 weeks of age. We will post to our website a group photo of the litter within a week of birth. We will also post individual photos at 2 weeks, 4 weeks, and updated photos and videos at 6 weeks of age to help with puppy selections. Please also follow our Facebook page as we will post photos and videos as they grow on our Facebook page! 

We will schedule your puppy selection date around 6 weeks of age. During this appointment, you will be given the opportunity to come and meet and play with all the puppies in the litter that are available. If you are unable to come to our home to meet the puppies, we can assist you with more photos, videos or even live video chat to assist you in making your puppy selection. Puppies will be scheduled to go home after 8 weeks of age. Above and Beyond Standards reserves the right to select a puppy from any given litter prior to puppy selections being made, to be held back for our breeding program.

Final payment will be due at 6 weeks of age immediately after puppy selections. We ask you to mail your final payment in the form of certified cashier’s check the first business day following puppy selections via certified 2 day mail with tracking information. Final payment is to be made out to Above and Beyond Standards and can be mailed to our address with your signed Health Guarantee.

🐾 Puppy Pickup & Shipping Information:

You will be notified of puppy pick-up and shipping dates within the first two weeks of birth. Pick-ups are typically scheduled the weekend following your puppy turning 8 weeks old. Shipment dates are typically scheduled during the week after your puppy turns 8 weeks old as there are more flight options available during the week and this allows less flight time generally for the puppy. On occasion, shipment dates may fall on a weekend depending on how many puppies in the litter are going home via air and what airports they are arriving to. We cannot guarantee a weekend shipment.

If shipment is needed, we offer two shipment options:

(please note we live 2.5-3 hours from CLT - Charlotte NC airport & 2 hours from GSO - Greensboro NC airport)

  • If you do not live within driving distance, we prefer you fly in and fly your puppy back with you under the seat. We will meet you at the airport with everything you need, including an airline approved travel carrier. Our price for this service is $300. If we coordinate your flight arrival during a time we will already be going to the airport then we can offer a discounted rate.

  • We can also make arrangements to fly your puppy to you using United PetSafe or Delta Dash. The charge for this service is typically between $600-$700. We choose the airline that has the best flight route (shortest duration) to your destination. This price includes the crate, travel supplies, veterinarian health certificate, and the airfare. After your Reservation Fee is received the logistics of airfare can be determined, including final costs.

  • A third option we may be able to consider - please reach out if interested: We fly your puppy to your nearest airport, meeting you at your airport with your new puppy. Your puppy will fly in our lap, in cabin, with us to meet you! This will be priced individually depending on several factors (total travel time to and from our destination, total price for airfare, and if a hotel room is needed depending on the total travel time). It is the most pricey option typically $800+ depending on destination.

🐾 What's Included with Your New Puppy:

A well-socialized puppy from birth being exposed to many different sights, sounds, and stimulus to include socialization and enrichment activities throughout each day. Your puppy is raised in our home and is exposed to all our daily living activities, to include exposure to other dogs and our children. 

  • Professional Veterinarian Care with final clearance given when ready to go to new home

  • 2-3 year written Health Guarantee

  • Age appropriate vaccines and multiple deworming prior to going to new home

  • All puppies will be Microchipped

  • Dewclaws removed

  • Tail dock for Poodles ONLY - All other puppies will have tails natural length with NO tail docking

  • Snuggle Puppy

  • Toy and Blanket with scent of Dam and litter-mates

  • $5 OFF and Free Gift Coupon from TLC Whole Life Puppy Food so you can continue feeding the food your new puppy has been eating

  • Small Sample Bag of TLC Whole Life Puppy Food (for travel home)

  • GANA Puppy Registration Certificate (Goldendoodles only)

  • AKC Limited Registration - Basic Registration Fully Paid (Poodles only)

  • Potty Training Book “Way To Go!” by Patricia McConnell

  • 30 Days Free Trupanion Pet Insurance provided

  • Folder with additional information for caring for your new puppy and all important paperwork organized for you (given at pick-up or shipped to you prior to your new puppies arrival home)

  • Life-time support for you and your new puppy! We want to stay in touch with you and watch your little one grow! We request you keep us up-to-date for the full 2-3 year Health Guarantee period OR longer if you don't mind!!